PaperSmudge means:

The first step to a great artwork often just starts with a blank white sheet of paper.

The idea of smudging coal on a sheet of paper, was the basis for creating a new tool. You can give simple shapes a structure, you can draw shadows or simply shade bodies.

No unusual gestures, no "hidden" features, just a simple and clear way to draw what comes in mind.

Because of this great smudge tool, (almost) every try will end up in a great artwork.

The FEATURES at a glance:
  • 9 coordinated pencils
  • 2 innovative smudge tools
  • Add your artwork to the photos library
  • Share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Messages, Mail or print it (this feature is available on iOS 6 and later)



We provide basic support for PaperSmudge. Please send us your feedback and ideas.

You can also contact us for general business inquiries!